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Thomas Riebs

Thomas Riebs



Thomas Riebs serves as an advisor to companies doing business between Europe and the U.S. His firm guides clients on Strategy, Execution of Strategy, and Matchmaking to Moneymaking. From a base in Los Angeles, where he leads the advisory firm AXEL, he is focused on solutions, technology, and know-how in environmental sustainability. At AXEL this primarily means clean water, clean air, clean energy, clean mobility, clean buildings, and the infrastructure enabling it.


In addition to his advisory work, Mr. Riebs serves on several boards and works to build Trans-Atlantic business community engagement with a range of partners in California specifically and in the U.S. more broadly on one side and with Western Europe and the Nordic Countries on the other side. He is also active in promoting cycling for transportation, for business, and for recreation, and he is engaged in helping business owners and cities understand the benefits of investing in cycling infrastructure.


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