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Guinevere Ellis

Guinevere Ellis

The Millionaire Mind Director

Guinevere Ellis is a multiple-educated ‘Mind, Results, and Financial Success’ expert. 

With a background in Finance, Law, and Senior Management, Guinevere previously held positions such as corporate-CFO, Business Growth, Business Recovery and Financial Turnaround Practitioner, as well as heading up a division of an international business school. Her experience spans over 30 years with senior positions in a vast range of industries including media, retail, manufacturing, sport, leisure, financial services, management consulting and professional training. 

As an entrepreneur, she grew her own business globally with clients in over 18 countries in less than 6 months, during a pandemic, with no substantial systems, no sales team, and no marketing.

She now specialises in the correlation between the human mind and financial success and supporting others to achieve extraordinary results.


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