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For over 20 years, The Business Show has been providing a platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or SMEs looking to grow and develop their business, the show has helped thousands of business owners. 

Whether you're looking to start a business or are currently running a small business, you will find all the advice and guidance you need to take your business to the next level.


A dedicated area to discover all about franchising and learn more about becoming your own boss! Statistically, franchises tend to have better success rates than non-franchised businesses. Customers know you, are aware of your products or services, and already have a desire to buy from you.


Working From Home Live is a leading trade show dedicated to shaping the future of remote & hybrid working by revealing the secrets of business adaptation and innovation when it comes to working from home.

Hundreds of exhibitors showcasing everything you need to work from home successfully. Sectors include home office, structures, technology, IT software, Cloud solutions, unified communications, health and wellbeing, security, HR and recruitment, accounts and training and coaching.


Retrain Expo puts your business face to face with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, universities, colleges, training and online course providers, awarding bodies, government departments,  apprenticeships and more.

These delegates are looking for the latest training and reselling services to help the UK's workforce maximise productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction.


The Future Working Show will focus on digital transformation and the future of work by offering products, tech, and services to business owners looking to evolve and modernise their processes.

From cybersecurity to AI, from robots to other digital transformations that are changing the way employees and businesses operate, anyone interested in the future of technological growth will be sure to gain a wealth of information by visiting the show.


The Sustainability Zone will provide a toolkit with everything you need to help make your business greener and lessen the impact of harmful processes on the environment.

The green technology and sustainability market is forecasted to be facing exponential growth in the coming years. The increase in market size demonstrates a drive for those to use cleaner tech and more sustainable processes in their businesses to help tackle the climate crisis.

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