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The Science of Global Success by The Millionaire Mind Director

15 Nov 2023
Theatre 7 MI

At this point in the growth of your business, you want to expand, to multiply your success, to gain traction overseas, and to have this all reflected in the results of your business.

You want to make a bigger impact, serving clients and customers internationally, and continue to build on that growth when you achieve the first, second and third target.

When you think about this however, you will find that many businesses ‘want’ this level of success, but many never go on to actually achieve what they say they ‘want’.

The reasons are not what you may think; it isn’t because of language barriers, trade laws, or saturation of markets.

In this brief talk, Guinevere Ellis, The Millionaire Mind Director, who grew her own business globally in less than 6 months, will share with you the impact that YOU can make on your own results, regardless of what’s going on in the country you wish to expand into and in the greater global economy.

 You can achieve dramatic global expansion and results in a matter of months, without the struggle.
Guinevere Ellis, The Millionaire Mind Director

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