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How Trade Facilitation Services helps you to go Global.

20 Sep 2023
Theatre 2 LA

Visibility and control: Critical factors for growing your business.


Logistics trends:

Some current logistics trends include the increasing use of technology such as AI, big data and IoT to improve its efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations. Additionally, there is an increasing use of cross border e-commerce and the development of new infrastructure, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, to improve connectivity and logistics between Asia and other regions from the West, such as the US and Europe.


Rising demand for Western products: 

There is a rising demand for Western products, various reasons for this rising interest are that for instance Asian people see Western products as high quality. Another reason is that some raw materials are scarce, making certain products hard to produce locally. Hence, Western companies are increasingly interested in Asia and other Eastern regions, to build partnerships with companies, in an effort to adapt to the market and consumer preferences. 


Distribution is key: 

The B2B e-commerce market is booming, being the largest in the world. However, e-commerce is not the only important channel in Global markets for Western brands. Don’t forget the retail chains with brick and mortar stores. Several large retail chains have over 3000 stores. The main benefit of working with these retailers is that they know the market well. There are many different regions in which consumers behave differently. Local retailers know what their customers want.


With not knowing local languages and cultures and be fully aware of all rules and regulations, the tax system, and the documents you need, to name the most important things, you will learn during this session the do’s and don’ts, more over we will share our experiences and lessons learned, which will help you to enter emerging markets more conveniently to build your sales and revenue streams in a successful way.

So, you can really focus on marketing and sales, and have less burden!

Arno Coster, Director Sales & Business Development - Ahlers Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services

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