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Speak local to go global

20 Sep 2023
Theatre 2 LA

Most entrepreneurs dream of launching their company, making it grow, and eventually going global. They
naturally focus on how to make their product effective and attractive to their target audience paying lots of
attention to product design and marketing. And that is perfectly natural!!! After they feel comfortable and happy
with their local market share, they start to think about exporting to increase revenue even more. That’s when
they face the first problem. They did not think they had to communicate something that is familiar to them to
another culture in a different language. From scratch, products will go from globalization to localization, you will
think about how you want to communicate to make your message come across clearly and effectively while
making the translation process affordable. Your message in a new language will be your image and the critical
factor for buyers to decide whether to buy from you or not. During the presentation, we will review the effects of
defective translations, we will list the steps of the complex translation process and will analyze what it takes to
keep your image consistent and culturally safe throughout your company in different locations.
You need a translation strategy to reach new markets. After all, to be global you need to speak local.

Juan A. Baquero, Director - Baquero Translations

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