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Decentralized Leadership in New Environment

20 Sep 2023
Keynote Theatre 1 LA

Gayle will begin his presentation with a personal story of confirmation bias in a previous role that almost resulted in mission failure while working with foreign partners. He will use this to frame the rest of the presentation that will be presented with three subheadings:


Understanding the Environment 

I use a process called ASOPE/PMESII to learn about a new environment taking into account everything from regulations, holidays, culture, criminal organizations, etc. 


Building a Decentralized Leadership Team

Where do you put your strong leaders? Where do you put your challenged leaders?

Location of key personnel is critical to decentralized leadership and decision making.


Delivering Clear, Concise objectives without Micromanaging

Don’t tell them how to do it, tell them what needs to be done and let them figure it out. All too often leaders want to tell their subordinates how to solve problems. This type of behaviour kills initiative and bias for action while taking away creative freedom from the people you hired to solve your wicked problems. 


This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A.

Gayle Anders, Global Business Continuity Program Manager - Netflix

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