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Global Expansion Through AI-Conversations

21 Sep 2023
Theatre 2 LA

"In toda's fast-paced global economy, the cost of miscommunication can be staggering. Studies show
that U.S. companies alone lose $37 billion per year due to misunderstandings and poor communication.
As businesses look to expand internationally, these challenges multiply, fueled by cultural and linguistic
barriers. That's where OneMeta comes in.

Our mission is to create a more understanding world, and our cutting-edge AI and NLP technologies
make that possible on a global scale. Our conference, 'Creating a More Understanding World:
Navigating Global Expansion Through AI-Enhanced Conversations,' will dive into the strategies and
tools that can help your business eliminate costly errors, foster mutual understanding, and successfully
enter new markets.

Join us to explore how you can empower your business to navigate the complexities of global
communication, opening doors to untapped markets and limitless opportunities"

Saul Leal, CEO - OneMeta

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