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Amazon's Culture of Innovation

20 Sep 2023
Keynote Theatre 1 LA
In this talk, we share insights and best practices about how Amazon and AWS have retained a long-term approach to innovation: starting with the customer and working backwards from their needs. We share our approach across four interdependent elements that empower everyone in our organization to innovate at speed and scale to constantly surprise and delight customers. Culture ' creating a highly distributable culture with mental models (Leadership Principles) that enable high-judgment, rapid decision-making; building businesses around closed-loop flywheels focused on customer's durable, long-term needs; motivating a 'Day 1' culture that fosters constant experimentation and iteration. Mechanisms ' consistent, customer-centric mechanisms that turn good intentions into action, democratize innovation, generate diverse perspectives that challenge assumptions, and sharpen ideas. Architecture ' we shared our own journey of moving to a microservices architecture that supported rapid growth and change, reduced dependencies, and allowed greater access to the technology that helps our builders build. Organization ' form small, autonomous teams that own what they create, with the right resources to support rapid innovation, nimble experimentation, and a single-threaded focus on their customers' end-to-end experience. These are the four key aspects of how we organize for innovation. By doing this, we take innovation and move it to the edge, which enables everyone to innovate.
Rich Hua, Worldwide Head of EPIC Leadership & Innovation Ambassador - Amazon Web Services

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