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    Victoria shares her personal story as a single Mom of five children who has built a global business network - Business Live Global (BLG), how she launched in Africa (live on Ugandan TV) during the pandemic and secured her own TV show on NTV (Bangladesh’s largest TV Station with over 17m viewers worldwide).  Hear her incredible journey from the rise and fall and to rising again.

  2. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    Learn the six steps that can help you optimize your operation and increase profit in your business.
  3. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    In this talk, we share insights and best practices about how Amazon and AWS have retained a long-ter ...
  4. Keynote Theatre 1 LA

    Discover global business growth insights from media industry leader Sophie Taitt, a key figure in the Netflix Studio's international expansion. Learn how to grow your business while running it effectively.

    A chance to hear from a leading industry expert in growing your business globally, whilst running your business.  

    Sophie Taitt has been at the forefront of one of the most exciting and fastest-growing businesses to scale internationally over the last decade as a leader in the Netflix Studio at the time of expansion globally, making three international moves to oversee Production across EMEA based in Amsterdam before returning to Los Angeles to lead LATAM Production and now support their global Production Strategy and Operations work Studio-wide.

  5. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    Research, strategy, and execution. People, processes, and technology. With the right elements in pla ...
  6. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    In the wake of the global pandemic and international tensions, numerous countries and companies are rethinking globalization and supply chains. While the challenges of this realignment may appear daunting at first, they are also creating significant opportunities for new markets, not only in emerging economies, but also to benefit from trends in regionalization and realigned supply chains.
  7. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    Growing a business into new global markets and environments can be challenging and maintaining control of your business units that are countries away from can be even more challenging. In this presentation I will present how I found success managing teams through decentralized leadership in different geographic locations with each team facing its own challenges regarding unity of effort, achieving goals, and receiving the resources needed to accomplish operational tasks.
  8. Keynote Theatre 1 LA

    This high-impact ASBDC workshop, led by international trade expert Simona Filip Racek, EDC SBDC Trade Specialist and CEO of TradeZiris, is designed to equip small businesses with a strategic roadmap to global markets. The session underscores the significance of global markets as a springboard for innovation and growth, considering that over 95% of consumers reside outside the United States. With her extensive expertise, Simona will guide participants through the intricacies of global trade, providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to expand their businesses worldwide. Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your business horizons and step confidently into the global market.

  9. Theatre 2 LA

    Considering expanding or relocating your business to the USA? Learn the 5 must-dos for successfully finding the right
    location, securing available cash grants and incentives, and identifying the key contacts that can help you maximize
    your success. Our panel of experts have the answers you are looking for.

  10. Theatre 2 LA
    "Unlock global market potential while fostering a deeper understanding across cultures. Learn how AI-Enhanced Conversations eliminate costly miscommunications and serve as your roadmap to international success"
  11. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    Set your business up for growth by getting online and selling your goods and services through ecommerce – here and abroad.
  12. Theatre 2 LA

    Visibility and control: Critical factors for growing your business.


    Logistics trends:

    Some current logistics trends include the increasing use of technology such as AI, big data and IoT to improve its efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations. Additionally, there is an increasing use of cross border e-commerce and the development of new infrastructure, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, to improve connectivity and logistics between Asia and other countries from the West.

  13. Keynote Theatre 1 LA

    This session will dive into strategic frameworks that aid effective international team expansion and location selection. Learn how open strategy can enable informed decision-making, foresight, and pave the way for successful global growth. This seminar will provide insights applicable for both new and established businesses seeking to expand their global footprint while maintaining team cohesiveness and efficiency.

  14. Theatre 2 LA
    For businesses expanding to a new country, a well-managed global logistics network is core to their success. It can be daunting, but the right tools can help businesses of all sizes accomplish it. In this seminar, we will discuss how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use digital tools to stay in control of their supply chain when in growth mode while taking part in and fully benefitting from global trade.
  15. Theatre 2 LA

    Join us at the "Navigating Germany: Insights on Starting and Growing Your Business" seminar, presented by NRW.Global
    Business. Discover the essential knowledge and strategies to successfully establish and expand your business in Germany.
    Gain valuable insights into the German market, legal requirements, cultural nuances, and opportunities for growth. Don't
    miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of the German business landscape.

  16. Theatre 2 LA
    It is said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Is that also true for a company wishing to Go Global?
  17. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    Discover the multi-faceted stressors facing consumers today. From economic challenges to geopolitica ...
  18. Theatre 2 LA

    Most of the companies go to capital locations when entering new markets, paying a high cost, not finding the right talent or being unnoticed, wasting money and time. Learn how to get advantage of capital markets and make savings locating in secondary locations.

  19. Theatre 2 LA

    All companies are born with the intention
    to grow and go global. So, they put a lot of effort into content marketing, communication channels, and experts
    of all kinds. However, going global entails moving out of your local comfort zone and preparing for the unknown:
    different cultures. And, dealing with different cultures entails speaking their language. Going global means acting

  20. Keynote Theatre 1 LA
    A Broader Journey with Broader Boundaries - Learn how to think global and act local in business environments empowered by AI, data and technology. Anitha will share her personal learnings and strategies based on her decades of experience working at Meta and Google, where she supported fortune 500 companies to expand their businesses for increased profits.
  21. Theatre 2 LA
    Join us for a thought-provoking seminar titled "To Reshore or Not Reshore," led by Lance Hastings, CEO & President of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. Explore the strategic considerations, economic factors, and implications of reshoring manufacturing operations to California. Gain insights to make informed decisions about the future of your manufacturing endeavours.

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