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Ship4wd is a digital freight forwarding solution platform that provides small and mid-sized businesses with preferential positioning and high-touch services throughout the global shipping process. SMBs are the core of global economy, responsible for 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide, according to the World Bank. We believe that improving SMBs' access to global trade is a major contribution to the global economy. Therefore, our core drive is to simplify complexity and minimize risks for these businesses, allowing them to fully engage and benefit from global trade opportunities. 

Traditional carriers and forwarding companies have prioritized larger enterprises, with their sales and customer services built to support high volume companies. From understanding the nuances buried in the fine print of quotes to having assistance when facing shipment problems, SMBs have fallen between the cracks, distracting them from focusing in growing their business, impacting their ROI, and even preventing some from participating in global trade.  

Ship4wd was created to fill this gap. Ship4wd's team comprises logistics experts who have been deeply troubled with the treatment received by SMBs and decided to create a new way forward for the sector with a simple and easy to use digital solution.

By actively listening to SMBs, we built a one-stop-shop platform and range of services that aim to remove obstacles one by one in freight forwarding, customs clearance, financing, cargo insurance, and assistance. Our user-friendly platform allows SMBs to book, track, and finance their shipments, in combination with around-the-clock customer support to clear any doubts.  


Arik Einstein
3 Herzeliya
United Kingdom
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